Peony pwomp

Two autumns ago, my friend Ellen of More Organics left me a decent-sized peony root in a Trader Joe’s bag on her back porch. She was dividing her overgrown peony bush and while I was grateful for the freebie, I was skeptical: Could this stump of a plant dug up from its master gardener’s oasis really survive in my yard’s historically meh dirt?

You be the judge:


My gayfeathers are photo-bombing from the left (they were there first), but the peony plant is thriving! There’s just one thing missing: peonies.

Last year, its first in my yard, the peony didn’t bloom at all. A little disappointed, I chalked it up to acclimating to its first blooming season in a new place.

This year, there was this:


Just one peony. And it was rather droopy, as peonies tend to be.

Still, I’ll take it. A few weeks ago when it was in its prime, that one peony bloom was perfect in its own way.


Maybe next year I’ll get two.