Lilac love

Sometimes, I wish that scent could be experienced via the Internet. Because right now, the entire backyard smells like this, and it’s amazing.


This is one of the dozens of lilac blooms currently having a moment in the back yard. It started last week, and I’m guessing it’ll be over in another week or so. And honestly, if it lasted any longer, I’d never get anything done — I can’t stop going out in the yard & standing there and smelling.


That’s the view looking upward — it’s definitely more of a tree than a shrub. It was here when I bought the house, but was pretty scraggly for the first few years and was only blooming toward the very tip-top branches hanging over the fence, so my neighbors got all the good whiffs. Over the years just after bloom season, I’ve pruned & pruned & pruned (which is the well-known secret to getting more blooms), and now I have flowers like this at eye level:


So pretty! And so lovely smelling.


The bittersweet thing about lilacs is how short their season is. They don’t last long as cut flowers, either, but it’s still worth it to bring a few inside for a few days, to perfume the house.


Lilacs, I love you.