Minty fresh harvest

The best thing about putting the yard to bed? Dealing with the abundance of goodies you have to cut back. Case in point: this amazing-smelling hoard of mint.

Mint is one of those weed-like herbs that I’m happy to see come back year after year because it’s so useful in cocktails. But now that it’s freezing outside (no joke), I get my mint fix in tea made from these here leaves.

The process is super-easy. First, I plucked off all of the leaves and gave them a good washing. Leaf-plucking takes a long time, but it’s worth it.

Next step: set the leaves out to dry completely. I had at least 3 paper-towels’ worth.

Letting the leaves dry out overnight is usually sufficient, but there were so many this time, I waited two days. They need to be super-dry before storing in a container or, I’m guessing, mildew & all kinds of gross stuff will happen, and no more minty freshness.

Once the leaves are dry to a crisp, they’re ready to be stowed away. I keep loose-leaf tea in spent jam jars. (I love any excuse to buy more Bonne Maman.)

This is how my mornings start now. Tea time!