Forgotten forget-me-nots

I’ve never had very many cut-flower options in my super shady yard, until now.

These are lovely little Chinese forget-me-nots that, ironically, I forgot I’d planted until they popped up a few months ago. I bought the seeds last summer for my window boxes, and had tossed a handful of them into a portion of the back yard I call The Dead Zone, just to see if they’d grow.

They made it! As you can see, they grow rather precariously — the stems are very long, and too heavy to stand upright — so they don’t make for the best ground foliage. As for cut flowers…

…they’re perfect.

Chinese Forget-me-nots cynoglossum amabile
category: biennial
light: full sun/partial shade (though mine did best in partial shade)
water: weekly during dry spells; more frequently if they’re in full sun