How to spell refreshment

We’re in the midst of a gnarly heatwave here in Chicago (and pretty much everywhere else in the country that can get gnarly, weather-wise), and while there are few things more refreshing than an ice-cold gin & tonic, this is one of them:



This is what I’m drinking right this moment: mineral water, a splash of lime juice & several slices of cucumber on ice. It’s perfect.

This drink — which shall hereby be called a Cucumber-Lime Spritzer — happened like this:

I return home from a few hours of humid walking & biking around, step into the house and think, “It’s so much cooler in here!” only to look at the thermostat…which reads 81 degrees.

I’m desperate for some water. Mineral water. With tons of ice.

Wait–cucumber water.  Do we have any cucumber? (Ours is still growing.) Please say we have cucumber.

I check the fridge. We’ve got some. Good. I slice some up & add it to my glass.

The fridge is still open in attempts to cool myself off, and I spot some leftover lime juice. A splash of lime might taste nice right now. Why not?


This might be what I drink the rest of the summer (when not drinking gin & tonics). And especially with a trip to New Orleans in my immediate future, I’m all about hydrating. Stay cool, everyone.