Spring — finally!

I always brag about how Chicago weather is totally spot-on with the seasonal equinoxes and solstices: summer almost always hits right around the third weekend in June; autumn and winter weather usually arrive in September and December like clockwork.

But spring. Don’t get me started.

This year, it took about a month to settle in. But! It’s happening! Proof:


First came the crocuses. They’re tiny and some are a little bland in color (I bought a mixed bag of bulbs; whatever), but after months & months of snow & dirt, it’s so awesome to suddenly see stuff like this waking up.





This was my aerial view from the porch for a few weeks, while all the crocuses were crocusing:


We’re now in phase two: daffodils, which have taken over as the crocuses are goin’ for broke.


You can see the remains of the crocuses — those short, spiky shoots — and also the paler, thicker green shoots of tulips that will make their way up in a few weeks.


I love this spread-out spring effect: Just as something’s going away leaving a void, something else takes its place. This is totally on purpose, btw. It’s the result of me going crazy a few years ago and strategically planting bulbs with different cycles to make sure there’s always something in bloom. I’ve been trying the same thing with perennials over the past few summers into early fall, too, so here’s hoping they make it.

Meanwhile in the backyard, the lilac is getting started. It’s just budding now, but once it starts flowering & perfuming, we’re officially out of the cold-weather danger zone.