Tundra life

by laurenviera

Greetings from the tundra that is Chicago!

Time will tell whether this will be the coldest winter on record. In my Chicago history, at least (12 years/winters) it’s the coldest by far, and quite possibly the Worst Winter Ever.

Needless to say, there has been absolutely no yardwork to speak of since I last posted back in October. For the last, oh, three or four months, the yard has looked like this:


Which is to say, totally beautiful. And cold. Very cold. So cold, that the ice takes over everything — even the neighbor’s entire house.

This magical winter wonderland would all be fine & lovely if we didn’t actually have to go out and, you know, live our lives. There have been a few hopeful moments in the bleakness — like that one time it warmed up to the upper 20s & I got so excited, I dug out my neglected bike…

…but it was such a cold ride & I was so miserable, I haven’t done it since.

And so, after this week’s Polar Vortex (the third in the Early 2014 North American Cold Wave, which has its own Wikipedia page), everything’s coming up zeros.


There’s more snow in the forecast this weekend, which means the melt is that much further away. But! It also means this prettiness will be around for a little while longer.




Meanwhile, with all the cold, there have been quite a few hot toddies made & consumed. Next up: a few recipes. Because winter isn’t over till March 19.