Ode to summer drinking

by laurenviera

As a traditionalist who is more than a little OCD, I am big on doing certain things at certain times of the year, including what I opt to drink. Which is always a little bittersweet. I’m not all that strict in completely abandoning lighter spirits, such as gin, when the weather turns cooler, but there’s something special about drinking a G&T with this as your backdrop.

This is a view of Lake Michigan — the greatest lake — from a magical swimming spot on the South Side that I swore to my friend Martha I wouldn’t reveal. She hosted a small party of ladies here at the height of the summer, to lay on rocks for a few hours in between dips into the lake. Obviously, the occasion called for gin & tonics. So I brought the portable bar.

I love this bar. It’s technically not mine, but it came with my boyfriend when he moved in. I love that it’s vintage and cool, but so functional and sturdy that we’re not afraid to use it. We’ve taken it on picnics, camping trips and road trips, and its appearance at social functions is always met with a lot of smiles.

Especially because it allows for the ease of whipping up a lakeside G&T.

Until next summer…